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In Mozaiko, domestic and international students live together in community, sharing experiences, learning languages, and engaging in intercultural dialogue. Faculty, staff, and visiting international experts will challenge the ways students think about their lives in the context of an increasingly connected world. Students have the option to live in language-specific groups, participate in community events, and connect with faculty through dialogue on global topics.

Living in Mozaiko is a minimum one-year requirement, but special circumstances will be considered (things like study abroad, co-ops, etc.).

Mozaiko means mosaic in Esperanto, an artificial language devised in 1887 as a common international language.   

  • Live in a foreign language house and practice a foreign language
  • Participate in  community events

Living in Mozaiko is a minimum one-year commitment, but special circumstances will be considered (things like study abroad, co-ops, etc.).

Practicing a foreign langugage is an important part of being in Mozaiko, but you do not need to already know a foreign language to apply. 

Mozaiko is a suite-style residential hall. Suites consist of four to six students (in double rooms) sharing a common living area and bathroom. 

We are not currently accepting applications for incoming freshmen. Please check back later.

Please check back later for more information on freshmen acceptances.

Live, Learn, and Lead Globally

Located in Harper Hall, this global living-learning community is designed for students from all majors who are interested in international affairs, service, or development; foreign language; and preparing for a lifetime of intercultural leadership. In Mozaiko, you will:

  • Live in a foreign language house with students from all nationalities

Language houses available:

  • Arabic House
  • English House
  • French House
  • German House
  • Italian House
  • Japanese House
  • Mandarin House
  • Spanish House
  • Russian House
  • Participate in community-wide intercultural events and trainings
  • Connect with Virginia Tech faculty and visiting industry professionals and scholars
  • In addition to living in a foreign language house, students can specialize in one of the below tracks:

This track is open to all Pamplin College of Business students, who are interested in exploring the global impact of business. Within this track, students will:

  • have an opportunity to enroll in the International Business minor,
  • participate in events such as international business lecture series, and
  • apply their skills and knowledge in service learning, applied research, or internship-focused study abroad.

This track is open to all Mozaiko students interested in international affairs (world politics, global conflicts, global economy, global society, cultures & religions, etc.) Within this track, students will:

  • enroll in the International Studies minor or major
  • have an opportunity to participate in Diplomacy Lab projects and the Wonk Tank competition,
  • have an opportunity to add the Global Engagement minor
  • participate in extracurricular activities such as attending Model United Nations, International NATO, International Model Organization of American States, National Model Arab League, and National Model African Union.

Mozaiko Living-Learning Community Global Fellow in Residence Program

Moziko, Virginia Tech’s global living-learning community, offers Virginia Tech departments an opportunity to share the expertise of visiting scholars, artists, industry professionals, and lecturers with our Global Fellows in Residence (GFIR) program.

Designed as a short-term residency experience, this unique program connects Mozaiko students with global citizens who can contribute to the international development of our students. Mozaiko will provide a complementary, fully-furnished, one-bedroom apartment in Harper Hall, the home of Mozaiko, for the duration of the fellowship.

This program offers Mozaiko students the chance to connect with and learn from individuals outside of the university through weekly events (workshop, fireside chats, or other learning events) with the Global Fellow in Residence. The sponsoring department will act as co-hosts for the Global Fellow in Residence. Our goal is to enhance the university’s ability to facilitate student learning from globally-oriented visitors.

  1. The Global Fellow in Residence program operates during Fall and Spring semesters only.
  2. Each department, in coordination with the prospective Global Fellow in Residence, must apply to Mozaiko. Upon approval of the application, the hosting department will receive notification and the GFIR will receive an email with next steps.
  3. Each GFIR candidate must complete a criminal background check prior to confirmation of engagement. The GFIR candidate will be emailed by a third-party company to complete the criminal background check upon approval of the application. The cost is paid for by Mozaiko. Processing times vary between 10 days and six months. We advise departments to plan ahead. No booking will be confirmed without an approved background check. Departments with less planning time may want to consider backup arrangements in case the background check is not completed in time. See below for a list of the countries from whom we cannot obtain court records for a background check.**Individuals residing in the countries listed below are not eligible for the GFIR program.
  4. Housing and Residence Life will provide housekeeping for the GFIR apartment every third day.
  5. For each week a Global Fellow is in residence, the fellow must hold a fireside chat, workshop, or other learning event open to the Mozaiko community in a common area.
  6. Under no circumstances are students permitted in the GFIR apartment.


**At this time, we are unable to obtain court records from the following countries, which means we are unable to conduct a background check. Because of this, individuals residing in the countries listed below are not eligible for the GFIR program. If a foreign national from one of the below countries is living in the U.S., we may be able to pull information from the U.S. courts.

  • Ascension Islands
  • Belep Archipelago
  • Chesterfield Islands
  • Cuba
  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Faroe Islands
  • Libya
  • North Korea
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Uruguay
  • Wake Island
  • Zimbabwe


If you have any questions about Mozaiko, please contact living learning communities or Program Director Lia Kelinsky.