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Faculty Principal HRC
Pablo A. Tarazaga

Pablo A. Tarazaga currently serves as Associate Professor and John R. Jones Faculty Fellow in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Virginia Tech. Additionally, he is a Principal Faculty member in the Myers-Lawson School of Construction, the Faculty Principal for the Honors Residential Commons in East Ambler Johnston, and director of the Adaptive Structures and Testing Laboratory and the Virginia Tech Smart Infrastructure Laboratory. He earned his masters and doctorate degrees in mechanical engineering from Virginia Tech. Before returning to his alma mater, he worked at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom as a postdoctoral researcher in the University Technology Center for Augusta Westland.

Tarazaga was awarded the 2014 Dean’s Award for Outstanding New Assistant Professor at Virginia Tech and received the 2015 Air Force Office of Scientific Research Young Investigator Award. His research—focusing broadly on structural vibration, testing, instrumentation, and smart material applications—is supported by several federal and private groups including AFOSR, NSF, ARMY, NASA, Alpha Foundation, Association of American Railroads, ERDC, NIST, VSGC, ICTAS, and ICAT. He joins the Honors Residential Commons with his wife, Vanessa; their four children, Lucas, Isabella, Penelope, and Valentina; and their collie, Gaucho.

Faculty Principals’ Duties

The faculty principal is responsible for coordinating educational programs, fostering academic engagement, and enriching the residential college's unique culture. The principal provides the academic vision of the residential college; gets to know residents and their individual interests, and provides guidance throughout students' university care

The faculty principal develops and sponsors programs that support Student Affairs' aspirations for student learning, as well as the goals of the university's strategic plan. The principal also participates in educational and social programs sponsored by students and other staff members.